Coming soon: The next evolution of Toybox
Coming December 11, 2023

A clearer, more collaborative future.

We’re excited to announce that Toybox and BugReplay have joined forces to create Miruni, a more powerful way to capture ideas, feedback and bugs on the web.

Frequently asked questions
We want your transition to Miruni to be seamless and as easy as possible. Here are answers to commonly asked questions — if you have a question that are not answered here please reach out directly to us at
Making the transition
What will happen to my existing data?
What will happen to my existing users?
Will I need to create a new Miruni account?
Will my current plan change?
Do I need to update payment information?
Will I lose any any functionality?
Will I lose any of my existing integrations?
Can I still see technical details?
How will the browser extension work?
Get to know Miruni
What is a workspace?
What are teams?
What are projects?
What are stories?