Make Feedback your company’s superpower

Miruni gives everyone in your organization what they need to easily capture, prioritize, and take action on feedback to help eliminate bottlenecks — enabling you to get more done, faster.

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For over 4 years we’ve been working with organizations to understand how to improve their feedback cycles. Now we’re releasing Miruni so you too can make feedback your company’s new superpower.

Capture Feedback

Imagine — useful feedback from all.

Miruni’s browser extension is a tool that installs in seconds and enables anyone — technical or not — to visually capture feedback with all the technical details needed for action.

Reduce feedback loops without changing your process — we’ll grab all the technical details your teams needs to take action.
No need to be scared of feedback — get all the nitty gritty information you need to do you work, automatically.
Feedback isn’t just for you anymore — invite others to the party and speed up review cycles to keep your projects moving.

Three ways to capture - All useful, all easy.

Feedback thats ready for action

Feedback as a superpower is having the ablility to collaborate in context and being able to easily take action.
Consume Feedback

Actionable feedback — pain free.

Feedback doesn’t have to be painful. We’ve built Miruni to allow project leaders to easily evaluate, organize, prioritize and assign feedback — letting it boost you up instead of dragging down your day.

Consume Feedback

Everything your devs need — no questions.

Ever feel like you speak a different language than your devs? It’s because you do. Miruni understands this and (auto)magically captures all the technical information your dev team needs to make your feedback actionable — without the back and forth.


Goes with your (work)flow

All that potential feedback make you nervous? Don’t sweat, Miruni allows you to easily group and prioritize feedback while seamlessly integrating into your existing tools and workflow — we don’t like bloated backlogs either.

With all necessary details automatically being captured your teams can quickly prioritize and take action using their existing workflow.
Get feedback that’s organized and prioritized so you know exactly what needs to be done and when.
Have a process that works already? Easily send your feedback stories to your current workflow tools to keep things moving.
Security + Privacy

Security is our top priority

In today’s digital world, trust is critical to delivering great experiences and upholding your brand. Miruni supports GDPR requirements, is SOC2 compliant and has built in controls that limits access to sensitive data — putting our money where our mouth is.

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