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Browser extension
Make your mark.
Easily capture video, images, code, or text on any staging or production website straight from your browser, in just a few clicks.
Let everyone contribute
Miruni gives everyone the power to contribute feedback and ideas, with tools for every member of the team. 
Communicate with teams and stakeholders clearly and consistently, every step of the way.
Help devs bring designs to life with visual examples, context, and inspiration; Visually capture bugs for quicker resolution.
Automatically access the technical details needed to resolve bugs and feedback; View environment data, console logs, and more.
Give clients access to review and collaborate on a project at any stage of your process.
"When developers tell me they don’t want to receive a bug report without a Miruni video, that speaks volumes of how good it works. Not only does Miruni help with bugs from clients, but it allows them to explain new features or product improvements, removing all the frustration and confusion inherent in that process."
Jennifer D.
Director of Production
Web app
From collaboration to activation
Miruni’s powerful building blocks enable teams of all sizes to deliver feedback that’s ready for action.
Collaborate the way your team does best, with flexible, custom team and project structures, advanced roles, permissions, and more.
Dev tools
Don’t reproduce, replay. Miruni’s visual bug reporting tools automatically append all the necessary technical details so dev’s can resolve issues faster.
Manage stories directly in Miruni or seamlessly integrate our tools into your existing workflow.
"Miruni has more or less replaced all the screen-recording products we used to use as part of our development process. It's easy to use and extremely useful for our engineers. Love it."
Spela C.
Senior Product Specialist
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