Miruni for Product

Client collaboration that drives action
Bring together your team, clients and all the information needed 💪 to get alignment and move from research to delivery, faster 💨.
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Product teams shipping faster with Miruni

"Not only does Miruni help with bugs from clients, but it allows them to explain new features or product improvements."
Jennifer D.
Director of production

The information on hand to move work froward

Better collaboration starts with providing the context people need to align on decisions and take action. Every capture in Miruni creates a story with the rich visual and technical details needed to get aligned and take action.

Visual context

What you can capture visually in the browser:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Code inspection
  • Pins

Technical context

What we (auto)magically grab behind the scenes:

  • Network logs
  • Console logs
  • Code inspections
  • Environment data

A shared source of truth for every project

Now you have one place to organize and prioritize ideas, feedback and bugs instead of it being scattered across many tools — keeping everyone aligned and communication easy.
"We work with hundreds of clients on over 1,000 sites. Miruni has made it easy for us to collaborate with them all and not being buried in emails — huge bonus that everyone finds the extension fun to use."
Madeleine G.
Director of Websites

Tools that connect your team and clients

Everything your team needs to move from capture to action — without disrupting workflow.
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Capture extension

Visually capture ideas, feedback and bugs anywhere on the web in just a few clicks.


Projects in your workspace are infinitely configurable so you can keep clients and projects focused.


Seamlessly connect Miruni to the rest of your workflow stack to get work done, faster.

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