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Your ideas, feedback & bugs in one place.
The Miruni web app let’s you orchestrate ⚙️ your feedback process from beginning to end so you can get from ideas, to requirements, to delivery as quickly 💨 as possible.
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Product teams shipping faster with Miruni

"It’s so easy to keep things under control with teams and projects. This helps us organize feedback by client and be certain only the right people have access to each."
Aaron S.

Easily prioritize and assign feedback.

Every story capture comes with the ability to easily prioritize and assign it so everyone knows what to work on and when.

Don't reproduce, replay.

No need to spend hours reproducing bugs. With our Dev Tools you can easily see bugs and technical errors happen in real time so you can get things fixed, faster.
"Doesn’t matter if we’re doing strategy, design or development, Miruni has enabled us to better collaborate with our clients across all phases of our process, making us all happier."
Chris P.
Chief Operating Officer

Goes with your (work)flow

Manage stories directly in Miruni or integrate with your favorite workflow tools — making moving from capture to action as easy as a button click.
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