Client collaboration on a new level.
Better asynchronous collaboration 🤝, faster feedback cycles 💨, and fewer bugs 🐛. It’s everything that makes your clients smile — with special perks.
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Teams collaborating better with Miruni

"Doesn’t matter if we’re doing strategy, design or development, Miruni has enabled us to better collaborate with our clients across all phases of our process, making us all happier."
Chris P.
Chief Operating Officer

Ideas, feedback and bugs all in one place.

Bring together your team’s ideas, feedback and bugs into one place, so they never lose context of critical information that helps them deliver faster.

The visual and technical details needed for action

Every capture from your team creates a story that automatically attaches rich visuals and technical details needed to fuel action.

Visual context

What you can capture visually in the browser:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Code inspection
  • Pins

Technical context

What we (auto)magically grab behind the scenes:

  • Network logs
  • Console logs
  • Code inspections
  • Environment data

Capture endlessly from research to delivery

Whether its doing competitive analysis, grabbing inspiration or identifying bugs there are endless things to capture so you can deliver better products, faster.
Competitive analysis
Customer reserach
UX audits
Design inspiration
Internal feedback
Marketing research
Bug reporting
QA testing
End user feedback
And much more...

Tools to capture all the context you need.

Capture in four different mediums so you can always remember the full context of your experience.


With video you can easily capture a full experience across pages or tabs.


Perfect for quickly capturing visual references that help drive work forward.


Sometimes a quick comment is all that's needed — drop a pin anywhere on a webpage in seconds.

Code inspection

View and capture details at the code level to get to pixel perfect.

"It’s so easy to keep things under control with teams and projects. This helps us organize feedback by client and be certain only the right people have access to each."
Aaron S.

Go from capture to action in seconds

Our platform gives your team what they need to move from capture to action — without disrupting their workflow.

Capture extension

Visually capture ideas, feedback and bugs with video, screenshots, code inspection and comments in just a few clicks.

Web app

Keep all your captures organized with flexible team and projects structures.


Easily connect to your favorite workflow tools so you can keep teams humming.

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