Better collaboration end-to-end
Deliver exceptional web-based project work with Miruni, the visual mark-up tool designed to focus and engage teams and clients from discovery to handoff.
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Manage ideas, feedback and bugs in one place.
Never lose direction or context by centralizing ideas, feedback and bugs all in one place
Allow anyone, technical or not, to visually mark up any staging or production site
(Auto)magically capture environment, console and network data with each story so your devs can take action
Manage stories directly in Miruni or easily integrate with your existing workflow tools
Loved by teams
Completed stories and counting from organizations worldwide capture.
"It’s so easy to keep things under control with teams and projects. This helps us organize feedback by client and be certain only the right people have access to each."
Aaron S.
Founder, Digital Product Consultant
"We work with hundreds of clients on over 1,000 sites. Miruni has made it easy for us to collaborate with them all and not being buried in emails — huge bonus that everyone finds the extension fun to use."
Madeleine G.
Director of Websites
"Doesn’t matter if we’re doing strategy, design or development, Miruni has enabled us to better collaborate with our clients across all phases of our process, making us all happier."
Chris P.
Chief Operating Officer
Flows with your business
Easily manage team members licenses to match the ebbs and flows of your business
Control visibility and access with teams and projects to keep collaboration focused (and isolated when needed)
Invite unlimited free guests so all client stakeholders can participate in every stage of the project
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With decades of combined agency experience, we have a deep insider understanding of what agencies want and need. That’s why we’re excited to offer our agency program, featuring special benefits for our agency clients.
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1 team
Up to 2 projects
Up to 3 members
Unlimited feedback captures
Unlimited guests
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5 team max
Up to 50 projects
Up to 50 members
Unlimited feedback captures
Unlimited guests