Miruni for Design

Create a shared vision with your team and clients
From ideas 💡, to research 🔍, to feedback 💬 — Miruni let’s you invite teammates and clients into your process so you can get everyone aligned to your vision, faster 💨.
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Design teams creating great experiences with Miruni

"Doesn’t matter if we’re doing strategy, design or development, Miruni has enabled us to better collaborate with our clients across all phases of our process, making us all happier."
Chris P.
Chief Operating Officer

Miruni supports you throughout the design process

Gather inspiration from everywhere and everyone

Your design process doesn’t need to live in a vacuum. With Miruni you can invite your team and clients along for the ride so you can get everyone aligned, faster.

See exactly what users are experiencing

Whether its a video, screenshot or comment, every capture with Miruni comes with visual references for clear insight and to help you make better design decisions.
"Not only does Miruni help with bugs from clients, but it allows them to explain new features or product improvements."
Jennifer D.
Director of production

Pixel perfect is now possible

UI look off? Give feedback to your devs in just a few clicks and let us (auto)magically attach all the technical details they need to make it right.
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