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Inclusive collaboration that produces action
Miruni is designed to help digital teams collaborate better internally and with clients — creating faster response times 💨, better product experiences 🎯 and happier clients 🤝.
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Engineering teams shipping happier with Miruni

"Miruni has more or less replaced all the screen-recording products we used to use as part of our development process. It's easy to use and extremely useful for our engineers. Love it."
Spela C.
Senior Product Specialist

Ideas, feedback and bugs all in one place.

Bring together your team’s ideas, feedback and bugs into one place so they never lose context of the visuals, technical details and commentary that helps them respond to clients and deliver, faster.

The information on hand to drive work froward

Better collaboration starts with providing the context people need to align on decisions and take action. Every capture in Miruni, whether from a client or team member, creates a story with the rich visual and technical details needed to get aligned and take action.

Visual context

What you can capture visually in the browser:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Code inspection
  • Pins

Technical context

What we (auto)magically grab behind the scenes:

  • Network logs
  • Console logs
  • Code inspections
  • Environment data

Capture endlessly from research to delivery

Whether its competitive analysis, grabbing inspiration or identifying bugs there are endless things to capture that can help get your client projects humming.
Competitive analysis
Customer reserach
UX audits
Design inspiration
Internal feedback
Marketing research
Bug reporting
QA testing
End user feedback
And much more...
"It’s so easy to keep things under control with teams and projects. This helps us organize feedback by client and be certain only the right people have access to each."
Aaron S.

A shared source of truth for every project

Now you have one place to organize and prioritize ideas, feedback and bugs instead of it being scattered across many tools — keeping everyone aligned and communication easy.
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