Miruni for Engineering

Collaboration that actually gives you what you need
Get feedback 💬 and bug reports 🐛 from clients and internal teams with all the visual and technical details you need to take action, no matter who reports it 💥.
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Engineering teams shipping happier with Miruni

"Not only does Miruni help with bugs from clients, but it allows them to explain new features or product improvements."
Jennifer D.
Director of production

Every story comes with the info needed for action

Every capture from your creates a story that automatically attaches rich visuals and technical details needed to fuel action.

Visual context

What you can capture visually in the browser:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Code inspection
  • Pins

Technical context

What we (auto)magically grab behind the scenes:

  • Network logs
  • Console logs
  • Code inspections
  • Environment data

Don't reproduce, replay.

No need to spend hours reproducing bugs. Replay and uncover network and console errors in real-time with the visual and technical context you need for faster fixes.
"We work with hundreds of clients on over 1,000 sites. Miruni has made it easy for us to collaborate with them all and not being buried in emails — huge bonus that everyone finds the extension fun to use."
Madeleine G.
Director of Websites

Goes with your (work)flow

Manage stories directly in Miruni or integrate with your favorite workflow tools — making moving from capture to action in a click.
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